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We live on our computers almost daily, doing everything from socialising, shopping, bill paying, booking holidays, completing courses, or finding new recipes. So when there is a problem with the device, we can really feel helpless never more so if our computer will not boot properly or gets caught in an endless bootloop.

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What is a bootloop?  Simply put, a bootloop describes your computer when it is stuck in a loop of rebooting.  When your computer starts, it will perform a series of tasks to become ready to function.  When something goes wrong, those tasks do not complete and your computer starts over, to try and complete these tasks from scratch.

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What causes a bootloop?  There are a few different reasons a bootloop can occur, but they all usually involve some sort of change to your system prior to the boot cycle.  These changes are usually software related, eg a previous update didn’t install correctly, or a new driver or program conflicts with some other installation.  Or perhaps malware has made it’s way onto your device and is causing havoc.  Sometimes, a bootloop may start because of underlying hardware issues, ie one or more components on your computer may have reached the end of their life, or suffered some damage accidentally.

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Is it possible to fix a bootloop?  Whether or not a bootloop is fixable, depends on the cause.  Software flaws can be fixed by repairing the operating software, or by removing the problematic installation. While not always an easy repair, it is usually possible. Hardware issues cannot always be repaired, or the cost to repair might outweigh the value of the computer.

The easiest way to get to the bottom of your bootloop issue, is to bring it into The Laptop Man so that our technicians can get you reconnected to those tasks that only your computer can help you complete.