Expert Computer Repair Services

Expert Computer Repair Services

We offer on-site and for pickup computer services in Mackay, QLD 4740.

Computer Repairs and Services

We offer a wide range of residential computer repair services for laptop and desktop.

Monitors and PC parts

The average computer lasts around 3 years. You can extend the life of your device with component upgrades including harddrive and RAM upgrades.

Man holding an Acer laptop

If you have fallen victim to data loss, we can assist in recovering your data. We have a great track record for recovering data in seemingly un-recoverable scenarios.

A man putting his laptop in the bag

Purchased a new device? We can help you to transfer all of your old data to wherever you need it. A great option for transferring data across different devices.

Woman checking the back of a laptop

Very often, internal device issues are caused by external forces. We offer a full range of hardware repairs and replacements to get your device back to its best.

Woman with Acer laptop

Is your computer a few years old or simply running a little slowly? We will analyse your device and apply effective solutions to optimise your PC.

Woman watching online videos

No one can deny the importance of efficient and high quality internet. We can assist with our residential internet packages to suit a variety of lifestyles.

Woman using a computer

As cyber attacks continue to rise, we can assist if you are the target of a virus or malware attack. We will completely eradicate the problem to ensure your peace of mind.

Clean laptop screen on a table

If you need laptop screen repair or laptop screen replacement in Mackay, The Laptop Man is here to provide all laptop and notebook screens services.

Macbook on the bed

At TLM, we can give your Apple devices a new lease of life with an SSD and memory upgrade. No more waiting for it to load and open apps.

Onsite laptop repair

The Laptop Man offers expert onsite and remote support for all your tech needs. Whether you’re at home or in the office, we’ve got you covered with fast and reliable solutions. Trust us to keep your devices running smoothly, so you can focus on what matters most.

A girl studying using laptop

We offer a wide range of school laptops from top brands. Our laptops come with the latest features and specifications to ensure that you have a seamless learning experience. We also provide hardware repairs to ensure that your laptop continues to function optimally throughout your school years.

Custom gaming computer

Can’t find the right computer for the job, want to build a dream gamer but aren’t confident to put it together. Let The Laptop Man take the worry out of it with our build to order service. Let us create a custom-built PC that suits your style, budget, and performance.

Expert technician repairing a computer

Warranty Repairs

At The Laptop Man, we also do warranty repairs from Acer to HP and many more. Let us take the pain out of claiming on warranty. We offer fast and efficient service at affordable prices.

Custom gaming computer

Level up your gaming experience at the Laptop Man, whether it’s the latest laptop or a build to order gaming tower our experienced staff can help. Ask a team member today to experience gaming like never before.

Refurbished laptop

We stock a range of high quality ex-government laptops and desktop computers from all the top brands, high spec devices at reasonable prices. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a great deal on a refurbished computer.