Laptop / Desktop Repairs and Services

We offer a wide range of residential computer repair services


Component Upgrades

The average computer lasts around 3 years. You can extend the life of your device with component upgrades including harddrive and RAM upgrades.


Data Backup & Recovery

If you have fallen victim to data loss, we can assist in recovering your data. We have a great track record for recovering data in seemingly un-recoverable scenarios.


Data Transfer

Purchased a new device? We can help you to transfer all of your old data to wherever you need it.


Hardware Repairs

Very often, internal device issues are caused by external forces. We offer a full range of hardware repairs and replacements to get your device back to its best.


PC Tune-Ups

Is your computer a few years old or simply running a little slowly? We will analyse your device and apply effective solutions to optimise your PC.


Residential Internet

No one can deny the importance of efficient and high quality internet. We can assist with our residential internet packages to suit a variety of lifestyles.


Virus Protection & Removal

As cyber attacks continue to rise, we can assist if you are the target of a virus or malware attack. We will completely eradicate the problem to ensure your peace of mind.

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