Have you ever lost a lot of important data? Or felt a moment of panic where you thought you did?

Whether it’s photos from a family holiday, your resume, or a semester’s worth of assignments, you probably have data on your computer’s hard drive or your mobile device that’s too valuable to lose. That’s where a data backup comes in.

Computer devices backup

Top Reasons to back up your computer
1. Data loss prevention. From accidental deletion to failed drives, if you have files or photos on your device that you value, you need a backup.
2. Plan B. Files can become corrupted, either randomly or through malware attack. A backup is your Plan B.
3. Plan C. Your computer may die or be stolen. Having a backup will reduce your pain and get you operating as normal quickly.
4. Tax Audits. Even if you don’t particularly care about the files on your device, one day the tax department might, and you may have changed device somewhere between then and now. Having a backup means you are more likely to have that important information available.

Types of backups
1. File/Folder specific backup – you only back up the types of files, or file location that you want to back up. This is simply a copy of your existing files/folders as at the time of the backup
2. File-synchronisation – Backs up in real time and makes files accessible on all your devices.
3. Full system back up – ideal for replacing failed drives, but includes, not just your data, but all superfluous files required to run the computer.

Back up options
1. Local backup – usually an internal or external drive that is directly plugged into the source computer. The backup is completed, either manually or configured to run automatically.
2. Offsite backup – like a local backup, but the drive is stored in a different location to your computer.
3. Cloud backup – usually a subscription service configured to automatically (or manually) backup your data via the internet.
Not every piece of precious data is backed up by every back up solution, so it pays to talk to an expert or to get them to organise it for you.

There are several backup solutions to choose from, and the easiest way to work out which one is best for you is to have a chat to the guys at The Laptop Man. Visit The Laptop Man at 134 Wood Street, Mackay Qld or call us on 07 4953 4580, and ask us about it today.