The longevity of a computer depends on the quality of the computer when new, and whether the components can keep up with advancing technology.  Like anything, you tend to get what you pay for, up to a point.  Cheaper models are generally produced with lower quality or lower performance components that may wear out or stop performing earlier than you hoped.  That said, it doesn’t mean an expensive model is always the way to get more years from your device, as some brands or special features increase the price of the computer without adding extra life.  However, most computers survive 3 – 8 years depending on how they’ve been handled along the way.  Keep in mind, laptops usually have a shorter lifespan than desktops, due to their nature.

Computer with RGB lighting

The most reliable way to ensure you get the longest life from your computer is to choose one that can be upgraded and then treat it well. Following are some tips to extending the life of your computer:

1. Service your computer regularly. Your computer has moving parts, and is exposed to dust, moisture, and heat. Just like your car, it needs to be regularly serviced to make sure the components are working optimally.

2. Don’t eat or drink around your laptop. Food spills and debris causes components to degrade.

3. Update software & perform regular maintenance. (Please allow it to finish the update before turning your computer off!) Doing this means your computer will experience less strain when running day to day activities.

4. Replace parts that are damaged. It is usually cheaper to replace faulty parts than it is to replace the entire computer and if the fault is repaired quickly, you can mitigate further damage.

5. Upgrade underperforming parts. As your computer ages, some of its components may not perform as well with newer software. Depending on the type of computer, components such as RAM, Storage and Graphics cards can be upgraded. Sometimes a new part works as well as a new computer!

In summary, purchasing the right computer at the start and maintaining it are key factors to extending the longevity of your computer. We recommend that you come in and have a chat to our friendly team about how to get the best value for your money and making sure you get the longest productive life from your current or next computer.