Getting an extra monitor at home might be something you haven’t considered before.  Having a dual screen setup means you will have a larger workspace for your computing. You will have no problems opening multiple windows at once and it will boost your productivity.  You will notice having dual monitors will provide the extra flexibility and convenience you need to get the job done.

Desktop PC dual monitors

Reasons why you should consider having two monitors:

Productivity image


With 2 screens you have more screen space.  You can view multiple applications at the same time, spread across both screens.

Habit image


We have 2 screens at work, we’re used to comparing and referencing between the data on both screens.  Why make life harder or slower at home?

Collaboration image


When using video sharing applications such as Skype to talk to absent family and friends, you can chat with the video on one screen and quickly find those recipes or cute photos to share on the other screen.

Multi-Tasking image


What about when you’re not working, planning or catching up with family?  Dual monitors give you a better gaming experience.  You can have the game on one screen and music, video or chat opened on the second screen.

Before investing in a second monitor, you may need to consider if your computer can accept a second screen. The good news is, that most computers already have that capability, with 2 or more video ports. For those computers that are limited in this area, a second monitor can easily be added by using an adapter.

So, whether you are working, socialising, gaming, or studying at home your only real limitation is your desk space … or is it? Come in and chat to our friendly team about expanding your vision at home.