Keeping Cybersecurity Awareness Beyond The Month


Cyber Security Awareness Month is held to promote awareness about the importance of internet security and cybersecurity measures for organisations and consumers. It's a great time for everyone to think about their cybersecurity practises and make sure they're doing everything they can. Everyone should take simple steps to protect themselves from frequent online threats and cybercrime. • Used Strong Password Passwords are your computer's and personal information's first line of defence against unwanted access. Your computer will be safer from hackers and malicious malware if you use a strong password. Have a habit of creating strong and unique passwords for every [...]

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7 Benefits to SSD Upgrades


Is your old desktop or laptop beginning to slow down? Before you throw it away and search for a replacement model, consider upgrading the old components, particularly its storage. The hard drive of your computer stores all of your data - from music to software - and functions as the core of your device. While traditional computers rely on a hard disk drive (HDD), a new storage system is taking over: the solid state drive (SSD). Upgrading from a HDD to SSD can significantly improve the efficiency of your computer. Let’s explore a few key benefits: 1. Cooler SSDs do not [...]

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How much personal data is left on your old devices?


The majority of us have a technology graveyard somewhere in our home or office. What’s a technology graveyard? It’s that (probably dusty) container filled will all of your old devices: laptops, phones, hard drives. Do you know what files are stored on those devices? They are likely holding a whole lot of data like photos, documents, and emails. Now think a little more carefully: are these files confidential? Do they contain personally identifiable information? Perhaps they are simply embarrassing? Either way, they are the last thing you would want falling into the hands of strangers - especially those with bad intentions. [...]

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What is SMiShing and how can you protect yourself against it?


As the world evolves to become more digital, so do scammers. While many diligent citizens are aware of phishing or email scams, few have heard of SMiShing. SMiShing is an adapted form of phishing, wherein scammers utilise SMS messages to achieve their goals. Just like phishing, scammers will imitate large and trusted corporations to obtain personal information from customers. Criminals prefer SMiShing as users tend to trust text messages more than their emails, viewing them as more personal and reliable. Like many similar scams, the aim is to prey on a person’s ignorance or ignite a sense of urgency. A smishing [...]

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Introducing the New TLM Website!


Since being acquired in 2018, The Laptop Man has been in a state of transformation. We have been working hard over the past few months to showcase the new vision and values of The Laptop Man. We are focused on delivering a high quality service and a great customer experience. Above all, we believe that our streamlined processes and procedures have positioned us as the leading residential repair service in the Mackay region. This has required a rebranding process which culminates today in the launch of our brand new website. Our website is the hub of our digital presence and will [...]

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Google Launches New Chrome Extension to Alert Users of Hacked Passwords


Large scale hacks of people's passwords and credentials are becoming increasingly common - just a few weeks back, a database of more than 773 million email addresses and passwords was leaked online, and made available to potentially ill-intentioned groups. And every time this occurs, it puts your accounts at risk, which, given the rising influence of digital platforms on our day-to-day lives, also has ever more potential to cause major disruption. And unfortunately, there's no way of knowing which group's databanks will be breached next. The most important action you can take in most of these situations is to change your passwords - [...]

Google Launches New Chrome Extension to Alert Users of Hacked Passwords2020-03-31T09:51:30+10:00

Marathon seven hour scam call results in thousands lost


A North Mackay man has endured a seven hour scam call from 9.30am through to 4.30pm on Monday February 4 – resulting in bank accounts being almost totally emptied. The scam caller claimed to be from the Australian Taxation Office and told the man that he owed thousands of dollars in back-payments from 2008 through to 2013. He further threatened the victim that if he did not pay the outstanding amount by 4pm on that same day otherwise two staff members would be attending his home address (which was known to the scam caller) and seize cars, assets and bank accounts [...]

Marathon seven hour scam call results in thousands lost2020-03-31T09:53:28+10:00

Microsoft tries to take on the Chromebook once more


If I were in charge of Microsoft, besides fully embracing Linux for the desktop, I’d give up on trying to challenge Google’s Chromebooks with lightweight versions of Windows. It hasn’t worked before, and it won’t work now. But I’m not in charge of Windows. Indeed, since Terry Myerson was shown the door in March 2018, no one in Microsoft’s mahogany row has represented Windows. That lack of top leadership may be why Windows quality assurance hit new lows with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Be that as it may, Windows Lite, a.k.a. Windows Core OS (WCOS), will come out in [...]

Microsoft tries to take on the Chromebook once more2020-03-31T09:56:17+10:00
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