If you’re shopping for a new computer for gaming or high-end computing, you will be considering the processor (CPU) as this is the brains of the operation. What you might not realise is there are only two choices: AMD or Intel. PC enthusiasts love to debate AMD vs Intel, and over the past few years the winner has been interchangeable.   

We’ve put together some of our Pros & Cons for AMD vs Intel: 

AMD VS Intel



  • AMD prices are cheaper. Good for entry level and budget builds. 
  • More cores and threads for lightning fast performance. 
  • Very good in handling heavy games giving consistent gaming performance. 
  • Can play high end games at medium settings without a video card. 
  • All CPUs are overclockable. 
  • Better integrated graphics. 
  • Best multi-core performance. 


  • Prone to excessive heating. 
  • Not good for multimedia tasks. 
  • Worst in single core performance. 
  • Higher latency. 
  • More dependent on RAM. Needs more memory for better performance. 
  • Power hungry ie consumes more power than Intel. 



  • Performs better when it comes to single-core performance. 
  • Extremely good performance and reliability. 
  • Good for doing multimedia work such as 3D modelling and animation. 
  • Low power consumption ie consumes less power than AMD. 
  • Low latency offering better performance. 
  • Higher clock speeds. 
  • Less prone to heating. 


  • Intel CPUs are more expensive. 
  • Fewer cores. 
  • Falls behind when it comes to multi – core performance. 
  • Not all Intel CPUs can be overclocked. 
  • Alder Lake CPUs require specific motherboards, meaning upgrades will most likely extend beyond a new CPU. 
  • Needs video card to play decent games. 

Now to put all the tech talk aside and look at AMD and Intel in general terms. The best CPU for you ultimately depends on your requirements. AMD CPUs are the best option every time only for those on a budget and needing very basic computing. Intel is more pricey and more powerful on every other level. But if you need power ie for multi-task general computing, you probably would want to stick with these guys as this is where Intel has a tried and true market. Now, both AMD and Intel have comparable CPUs in gaming arena, so it really does come down to the type of gaming you do, your budget and maybe a little personal opinion.

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